Nifong Used Cars & Parts Inc.
Serving The Triad and The East Coast Since 1961

About Us

Nifong Used Cars & Parts Inc. is a family owned business that spans throughout three generations of the Nifong family. Nifong Used Cars & Parts is primarilly a salvage yard with the ability to handle minor repairs. Although we handle minor repairs, we offer nearly everything thats on a vehicle for sale. From bolts to engines nearly anything is for sale on the cars on our lot. We cannot sell catalytic converters to the public due to the inability to re-certify for resale. The majority of our vehicles are domestic however are increasing the number of import cars at our facility every week.

The Early Years

The business was launched on January 21st, 1961 by Bill and Bobbie Nifong. Bill Nifong was a master mechanic throughout the begining of operation, often performing major repairs to paint and body work. Bobbie handled the books and the office, but don't make the mistake that she doesn't know anything about cars. She was the go-to when someone needed their carburetor rebuilt or a set of jets replaced for a street race on a weekend, along with helping out her husband out in shop. Once technology started making its way into cars, Bill reduced to minor repair work due to the increasing costs of diagnostic equipment and training. Bobbie got out of repairs once fuel injection started appearing at the facility.

The Technology Age

The business was started on January 21st 1961. We are mainly a salvage yard selling used parts, commonly dealing in domestic and a growing number of import vehicles. If you are looking to sell your used automobile, give us a call for a quote.
Once Bill started stepping back from repair work, their son Barry filled the position. Fresh out of the Air Force, Barry was looking to keep the company thriving. With the understanding of technology, Barry was willing to invest in himself to learn and start diagnosing modern machines not just for him, the company as well. As technology improves cars have gotten more complex compared to cars of the early 1990s. With a stong passion for automobiles and technology Alex (Barry's son) joined the family business. Wanting to know as much as he could learn, Alex went on to achieve higher education about automobiles to improve himself and possibly the company.

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